Four Wheel Service in Aitkin and Brainerd, MN

All-wheel drive vehicles are also known as 4x4s and four-wheel drive vehicles. These vehicles require a specific system, especially when used for off-roading and towing. The four-wheel drive system operates every day and will need maintenance after time. Technicians will inspect components like the locking hubs, axels, differentials, and the transfer case for leaks and wear to ensure your vehicle is safe and at optimum efficiency.


Signs you need four-wheel drive service:

  • Vehicle cannot fluctuate between or stuck in drive modes.
  • Whistling axel.
  • Low fluid levels in the differential.
  • Illuminated dashboard lights.


Our team of technicians has the skills and equipment to diagnose and service your four-wheel drive system, whether you need to replace or service the axel, differentials, or transfer case. Contact us today!