Differential Service in Aitkin and Brainerd, MN

The differential is a crucial part of a vehicle’s drivetrain that divides the torque of the engine between the wheels, giving them the ability to turn at different rates when necessary. This system is initiated when turning corners. Differentials differ depending on the drivetrain — for instance, the differential is on the rear axle on a standard rear-wheel-drive vehicle, the differential is on the front transaxle on a front-wheel-drive vehicle, and finally, there are two differentials for all-wheel-drive vehicles — on both the front-end and rear-end axles.


Signs you need differential service:

  • Whistling noises.
  • Vibrations.
  • Gear grinding.
  • Rubbing or clunking noise.
  • Sluggish performance.


We have the skills and equipment to service the differential, whether you need a full replacement, or a partial rebuild like side and pinion seals or gasket, gear, or bearing replacements. Contact us today!