Cabin Air Filters in Aitkin and Brainerd, MN

The cabin air filter seems to always be that extra add-on your mechanic asks about every time you get routine maintenance, but what does this filter do? This filter comes standard on newer vehicles and cleans the air within your cabin. Cleaner air in your vehicle’s cabin aids in a more comfortable drive, whether you have allergies, respiratory issues, or even when you don’t have medical problems. Changing out this filter will help prevent unwanted dust, pollen, or other pollutants from coming into your vehicle cabin.


The signs you need a new cabin air filter are:

  • Intact ducts inside your vehicle are whistling.
  • Annoying noises when using A/C or heat.
  • Unpleasant odors when the air is on.
  • Weak or lessened airflow, whether you are not using climate control on high or not.


When you need a cabin air filter replacement, we supply quality air filters, and our technicians can replace them quickly and efficiently while they finish up any maintenance you need on your vehicle. Contact us today!