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Paradigm Automotive knows many of our customers have 4WD vehicles, whether its for fun, for work, or for peace of mind. We make sure all our techs not only know how to repair these, but also have a knowledge of how to make them work better.

Drivers who opt for 4WD have numerous variations from which to choose. One of the most commonly used 4WD systems employs a simple high/low transfer case which routes power equally to the front and rear differentials. When engaged, both front and rear wheels turn at the same rate of speed. This system is called part-time 4WD and is intended for off road use.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to put a larger tire and increase ground clearance on your vehicle is a leveling lift kit. This will level the front of the vehicle with the rear, they are quick installs for most 4WD Trucks. Available for most year, Make, and models.

Whether you're looking to run larger tires, give your vehicle a more aggressive look, or achieve outstanding performance on some trails, a Rough Country Lift Kit for your Jeep, Truck, or SUV is the choice for you. Rough country Lift Kits offer amazing off-road performance, and are backed by a lifetime replacement guarantee!

All of our 4WD Leveling Kits and Lift Kits Come with an Alignment when installed by Paradigm Automotive.

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